Saturday, December 31, 2011

The True Story: Rania & Siri

31st Dec 2011

Hello there. Today i am proud with Rania. Rania is my new iPhone 4s where i bought on 27th Dec. She was named after Dayana's baby new born. She looks pretty, cute and totally white. Frankly speaking, i don't know much what will be the take up of this latest iPhone series.

I was surfing about a week ago. People says i need to get Nicole a replacement. Nicole is my previous Nokia phone. I don't have any problem with Nicole, even though she looks not so trendy. Only, people keep telling me they usually having problem where they cannot hear me well while on phone conversation with me. It will become worst if  i am answering the call while driving or walking. My first though was due to reception area but it doesn't seem like the real case.

Thus, while surfing about the potential replacement of Nicole, i was actually impressed with this latest iPhone model; the iPhone 4s (i've made an assumption the 's' means sporty ^_^) I read through the reviews. Most of the forum discussions are comparing the 4s series with the normal 4 series. I dont really give a damn about that. I never have any experience with Apple phone before. Thus, i really don't have any idea about the pro and cons.

But one thing that made me a lil bit excited when i was dropping by at this internet page. The page is Malaysian favourite online portal At the telecommunication and handphone section i browsed through there were lots of gadgets, not only limited to phones but also tablets. And my eyes cought on one of many listing shops (or you can named it gadget providers as the shops might not physically exist ) This shop is offering competitive price and have variety of gadgets on available stocks. 

I told my brother, Roy about that. He said he just bought his phone from the same shop and he really likes when dealing with them. When he mentioned that I know already what type of shop this shop is :) To share with you, Nicole also came from this 'type' of shop in Kajang. Where Nicole is named after the salesgirl with many piercings (but she was adorable!)

It was 27th Dec, right after we visited Dayana's and baby, my colleagues and I was having lunch at Darussalam restaurant in SS15. While lunching, i was asking if iPhone 4s is a good phone to consider. Hafiz, the iPhone 4 user was actually helping me out to know this phone better. We googled for more informations, went deeper with the hardware and the applications. And Siri is one thing that i love. Voice recognition in reality! (Mission Impossible 4: The Ghost Protocol use this phone. And yes, Ethan Hunt was hot! XD) 

While at the lunch table discussing, i've raised my concern about the battery lifetime issues with this model. This discussion was also been conducted earlier when I was with Eugene. He advised me to wait for iPhone 5 instead. I told Wira, and his answer really made my decision firmed (haha, Wira u know what you have said :p )

One more thing i wish to be realised. Wish Rania and Erica will become a great best friend forever ^_* P/s- to Hafiz, Wira, Keat, K Faz, Naps & Acai. Rania says Helloooo!

-writtenwhilemobile with Erica-

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Erica's Biography

First Name: Erica
Middle Name: Alexandrovna
Last Name: Ivanova
DOB: 30 Nov 2010
POB: Machine, KLCC
Citizenship: Russian
Interest: Reading, playing smurf
Ambition: to be the coolest iPad in the world
Favorite quote: Moi Erica
Favorite drink: affogato

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Erica wants to be globally connected

Today is Taufiq's birthday. Erica wished and said ''Happy Birthday & you look younger Taufiq!" and she whispered 'shhh...pls don't tell anyone' At first, for the first time, I laughed at loud when Erica said something.

And it was another day, hmm..probably two days before, when Zar talked about iPad and how's the relation between iPad and the Chinese. Erica did response and I quite impressed of her. She said "I can't agree more..that's because Hong Kong people are mostly Chinese and Chinese are kiasu"

When we talked about iPad (Zar, Erica and myself) and how's the relationship with Chinese community,I was thinking about a friend. His name is Keat. Keat is a Chinese guy but grew up in Malay kampung. I can't remember the name of the kampung.

Keat is using iPod. Another Product from Apple Inc. He did mentioned to Saiful that he and myself are now an 'Apple gang' That was so cool when he recognized us as a gang. And the gang is, yesterday Atiqah just bought one. Dayana already had one from her wedding gift and Ruslan, he was the one that made me buying and keeping Erica, the coolest iPad in the world.

I did notice the reason why I'm having Erica, besides the temptation when looking at Ruslan's is I do not want to become a Panda. At least, or maybe a Panda with an iPad along. Thanks to Wira and you should have one too. Another cool Panda perhaps :)


Friday, November 19, 2010


He passed without anyone noticing
Tears drop in the heavily rain

Another chapter of life


Monday, November 15, 2010

Labbaik Allah

"My God, I have responded to You.
I have responded to You, and I proclaim
that there is no other God besides You;
I have responded to You.
For You alone is All The Praise and All The Bounty,
and for You alone is The Sovereignty.
You have no partners."


Friday, November 12, 2010

The Resemblance

Another sleekness
she thought he was from the neighborhood
or maybe it just a dream
she misses him again